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Mara Gilbert                         My Story

Mara Gilbert, RN

Growing up on a farm in Mendocino County, I experienced the natural rhythms of life and their importance to human well-being. As I grew up taking care of our farm animals, I learned basic veterinary skills and became increasingly fascinated by anatomy and physiology. With my love of healing, this later lead me into the field of nursing. Now, a more than ten year career as an RN has given me a solid grounding in science, and an understanding of disease and healing, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of allopathic medicine.

My own health journey was a harrowing one, but provided a strong and solid foundation for my work as a natural health practitioner. I contracted Lyme disease as a child, but was not diagnosed until my late twenties when I became profoundly ill. My Lyme disease later developed into autoimmune diseases, particularly Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. When antibiotics and other allopathic treatments nearly killed me, I was forced to search through many different alternative treatments. Years of overwhelming fatigue, pain, struggle, and searching taught me the strengths and weakness of alternative treatments. It also gave me an intimate knowledge of illness and healing, and a compassion and understanding for those struggling with their health.

 I know what it is like to struggle and be ill. And I know what it takes to get well.

It is thanks to nutrition and alternative therapies that I am now living a vibrant life, full of joy. I am now able to sing and dance, do art, hike, exercise, and all the hobbies that I love with vigor. I am passionate about alternative and complementary techniques, and have chosen to practice those modalities that I found to be the most effective in my healing journey so that others can find a similar joy and fullness of life.


My Philosophy

As I learned on the farm, the human body contains the same rhythms and the same great wisdom as the natural world. They function and interact with each other in an intricate and delicate balance of interdependence and have an amazing capacity to heal, given the needed resources. We live in a stressful and toxic world that directly opposes and undermines the body’s capacity to function optimally. The modalities that I use support the body’s natural function, thereby enhancing its innate healing ability. Whether someone has a serious chronic illness, or is a healthy athlete, and no matter what the age, these modalities can help.

My Mission

My mission is to accompany you on your journey to living a vibrant, healthy life and to use my experience and skill in helping you achieve your greatest potential.

I am committed to learning and living a vibrant life naturally, and as an academic, I am committed to continual pursuit of new knowledge and increased skill.

Professional Background


Master of Theological Studies, Bioethics  John Paul II Institute, Washington DC

Bachelor of Science, Nursing   Saint Louis University, St Louis MO 

Bachelor of Arts, Theology Franciscan University of Steubenville, Steubenville OH

PhD/DNP University of Arizona, Tuscon, AZ One year completed

Training and Certifications

Registered Nurse, California

Craniosacral Therapy, with the Upledger Institute

Pilates Comprehensive Certification, in progress

Nutrition Response Testing

Morphogenic Field Technique

Certificate in Applied Clinical Nutrition

Nursing experience

Administrator and Research Clinician at TrueNorth Health Center, Santa Rosa


Teaching Nursing


Long-term Care





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